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About Underground

Underground is a relaxed, all purpose guild, for people who prefer to do events with the guild.
We want a humourist atmosphere and a friendly spirit where we help each other.
(Always look on the bright side of life.)

Underground was formed in May 2015 by Calle and Birgitta
This isn't Underground's forum anylonger.

The guild is open for all mature social players, of all classes and levels.

We are raiding HEllfire - but still have to to pug to be able to go.

We do, regularly, set up guild event as we do like to do things together.
Do you want to go achivement hunting?

Do you want to try old content?
Get pets?
Do you want to test to be a tank or a healer (can never get enuogh of those).
If there is an event you want?
Poke an officer and tell us want you long for!

So, this' what we have to offer you.
Do you want to join?

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